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Home Should Encourage Fun

Fun Narnia Mural 306

Home is our place to relax and have fun.

Early on we realized the need to incorporate fun in every home. No matter how our day goes, we found that incorporating elements of fun into our home created a spirit more than just “comfort”.

In the beginning, we had 5 children under 8 years old. We couldn’t afford to go a lot of places. But we could build things.

Some Ideas:

  • Build a favorite story book theme into the bedroom
    • Our boys loved CS Lewis’, “Chronicles of Narnia”, so we built the elements
        • “Dawn Treader” bunkbed boatFun Dawn Treader bunk bed


      • “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe” Lamp post installed in the floor
      • Mural of Aslan and the Pevensie children with Reepicheep on the wall
        • Creatively allow the painting to carry up into the ceiling to give depth
      • “The Magician’s Nephew” ┬áceiling mobile of worlds (planets)
  • Put a slide off of the deck along with the stairsBuilt-in slide off the deck
  • Decorate a corner or spot inside the house with a unique part of the old home if renovating (we found an old oil chimney in one home we renovated). It was my favorite spot in the home.Discovering old chimneys
  • Create an outside escape with landscaping
  • Build an edible garden from small to large that provides a fun memory of picking foods for the family table
  • Find or create a spot to add depth with old materials. We found some old wood underneath the drywall in a ceiling and it was like finding treasure.

You can find ideas on any budget. However, the key is finding what brings joy and fun to your family.

It is a reminder to our children quite frequently, where we tell them to “go make some fun today”. We have learned that it doesn’t just happen; rather we choose to find the good and make the life we want with what we have been given.