• Add-on left side in progress

    Add-on left side in progress

  • a farmhouse sink

  • a kitchen for cooking

    a kitchen for cooking

  • a large space to gather

    a large space to gather

  • a vintage space

    a vintage space

  • black and white bath

    black and white bath

  • Duplex Rental Home

    Duplex Rental Home

  • Home 186

    Home 186

  • olde style shower

  • Teaching building skills early

    Teaching building skills early

Residential Construction

Residential construction is the same as commercial construction for us because it’s all about building and renovating in a more biodynamic, clean, and energy efficient way.

Adding fun elements to a less toxic home is our niche. The goal is to create and renovate a home that you can’t wait to come home to and that provides a space to feel great. Home can be the everyday escape from life’s difficulties, because we want to create a space that provides peace and a fun with your style. Incorporating these elements into your home makes a huge positive difference.

Let us extend an invitation to consider BLUMESTONE properties and construction company as a resource for a little “more” for your home.

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