Building or renovating a home has a unique requirement. It’s a balance of creating a sound space that fits within a budget, however large or small. Because this is where you live, a lot of thought goes into the details.

Here are a few thoughts BLUMESTONE considers:

  • Creating a fun and comfortable space for your style
  • Ergonomic positioning of appliances
  • Types of materials used to reduce toxins
  • Placement of electrical items is important in a home
  • Materials and the layout for optimal energy efficiency
  • Mindfulness to Electromagnetic Frequencies


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Building a business is the process of putting the structure, design, and materials onto a dream. At BLUMESTONE we recognize the value of; budget, collaboration, and the undertaking of a business start-up.

Our goal is to build in a balanced approach to bring a great, positive start to the grand opening day. We also make every effort to build as biodynamically as possible, which provides:

  • Less toxins in the environment
  • Cleaner water from the water faucets
  • Optimal energy efficiency


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