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How to Make Step Downs Safe and Elegant

186 home Step Downs

Safe and Elegant

Step Downs are not safe features in a home unless designed well. They are random steps from one room to another that create a multi-level feel in one-story homes. These are very common in most older Florida Homes. Unfortunately, these step-downs create a real safety challenge, and taping yellow industrial ribbons across the steps is not an elegant design touch to any home.

So, here are some ideas of how we accomplish both safety and elegance.

Step downs

When we bought our very first home in Florida years ago, we tripped when we first moved in. Almost every guest tripped as well. Over time we got used to the floor plan, but we learned to give a warning to our guests.


Florida architects in the mid-1900s designed many homes with step-downs, especially in the transition from the Dining Room to the Living area. Ideally, if your ceilings are higher than 8.5 feet, you can fix this tripping hazard by simply adding concrete to level the floors. However, in most Florida homes, the ceiling is only 8 feet tall. Therefore, if you raise the floor, the original 8- ft ceiling becomes nearly 7- ft. from the floor, which is uncomfortably low.

Today’s style has changed dramatically. It is more commonly desired to have wide-open spaces in a home. Gone are the lower ceilings and soffit ceilings above bathrooms and kitchens. Cozy niche rooms are replaced with fewer walls and tall ceilings. These are easy renovations, but the step-downs are a real challenge.

Over time, we figured out an affordable, discreet, and successful way to make this transitional step safe and elegant.

Updating for Safe Design

Notice in the above photo we incorporate all bulleted features. This home was a real challenge because there were 2 step downs, from the entrance to the kitchen and dining area, and a second step down into the living area. To create a safe transition but instill beauty, the entrance floors were laid in brown wooden herringbone, while the kitchen and dining area featured a white wood-plank pattern. Next, the room changes color to the brown wood-plank design but finally returns to the brown wood herringbone pattern for the delayed step down.

With these visual aids, our employees, subcontractors, and guests quit tripping and falling at these floor transitions.

If you have wood floors, lay a border before and after the step down in a contrasting color to emphasize a floor level change.

It is surprising how the smallest changes can make the most significant difference for a safe and elegant home.

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How to Make Your Home Fun

by Mandy Blume
Fun Narnia Mural 306

Home is our Place to Relax and Have Fun

Early on we realized the need to incorporate fun in every home. We are good at keeping the home cleaner with less toxins, but it doesn’t feel like home without some extraordinary elements of fun. No matter how the day goes; bringing fun elements into our home creates an environment we all enjoy.

In the beginning, we had 5 children under 8 years old. We couldn’t afford to go to a lot of places, but we could build things and make our home fun.

Incorporating Themes from a Favorite Book or Movie

Our boys loved CS Lewis’, Chronicles of Narnia, so we built the elements into their bedroom.

  • Dawn Treader took place on a ship. This allowed us to incorporate bunkbeds into this large iconic part of the book.
  • The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe  is the flagship book in the series. There are so many scenes to create, but in the end, we decide to install the famous lamp post. This small element brought the story book to life.Fun Dawn Treader bunk bed
  • There are many talented artists that can paint a mural. It’s unbelievable how much a mural can transform a space.
  • The Magician’s Nephew inspired a ceiling mobile of all the worlds which we found at IKEA.

Creating a Bit of Play Into Home

  • If you have a deck, try installing a slide along with stairs, a swing or hammock in the bedroom.It’s bringing the outside in and creating fun into a child’s space.
    Fun Built-in slide off the deck
  • Decorate an area inside the house with a unique part of the home (we found an old oil chimney in this home). Discovering old chimneys
  • Find ways to add depth using existing or hidden old materials. We find buried treasure in original wood planks underneath the ceiling drywall. Everyone loves to tell the story and remember.

Wood planks, shapes and contrasting colors

Fun ideas and designs can be incorporated on any budget. However, the key is to find what brings joy to your family and get creative.

Finding great ways to have fun in life requires intentional thought. We find the extra effort pays off with great memories, and of course, more built-in fun at home.