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Building Safe and Beautiful

by Mandy Blume
Blumestone safe and beautiful

Safe and Beautiful

We create safe and beautiful structures for sizeable multi-plex apartments/ condo complexes or a commercial stand-alone. Marketing a business seems simple enough, but in construction, we usually get jobs by “word-of-mouth.” People generally share how we are on time and how beautiful, but during the build is where our client begins to learn the “green” element we bring to our jobs. More than an “energy green” is what truly makes us different. 

Over and over, we find joy when our clients realize the knowledge and effort we bring to create a safe and beautiful environment for their project. It’s an odd thing to explain, but the materials used in the structure genuinely make a change.

The best comparison is having a 5-star prepared meal where: 

  • one chef uses grocery store ingredients that are 5-14 days old and ripened in transit, versus 
  • a chef who goes to the farmer’s market and gets fresh, ripe, organic ingredients as much as possible. 

This analogy describes our extra effort in the building business.

Many folks tell us that we should market this difference. But we find that since it is not a common practice, people aren’t sure why our efforts are essential. But just like the food we consume can build a better body, better materials, a few simple adjustments, and intentional placement can genuinely make a better structure. 

After completing college together in Mechanical Engineering and Business, we respectively pursued higher degrees and certifications in health. These combinations and having kids with compromised immune systems modified and shaped how we design and build today.

Tangible Experience

With his unique engineering “problem-solving” brain, Jim is brilliant at solving problems. Where some see a fast way to make it look pretty and get out, we see the opportunity to create a space with a little less electrical interference, a little less off-gas, a bit more energy efficiency and functionality, and this way, a lot more natural.

As expected, each job is unique and provides a fun challenge. Every job requires us to identify how we can best use our skills to create a sound structure that fits the client’s wishes while we “step it up” to provide the cleanest environment which optimizes health in their living/ working space. Our vision is to make each build safe and beautiful from the “Inside Out.”

Not all of our recommendations cost much money. A straightforward way to improve a space is by incorporating live plants. We share our thoughts about it in this article. These learnings over the years are why our goal of “Building a Better Lifestyle” is so rewarding. When clients tell us how great they feel in the new place or share the excitement of how their space is so clean and peaceful, we know we have succeeded.

March 29, 2021