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Building Community for Kids Without Parents

by Mandy Blume
Building a Home for Kids without Parents

Building Community for Foster Kids

Because of our experiences building and fostering, BLUMESTONE gives a lot to help children without parents or capable parents. But recently, we feel called to do more. We have a vision and God-willing, we will soon have the financial support to move forward to make our world a better place.


Over the past 12 years, we have visited over nine Children’s Homes and Orphanages through our nonprofit organization, Real Food Recovery. We have posted this passion there in order to congruently share our mission.

The volunteer work we do is changing the lives of hundreds of kids. We started Real Food Recovery as a nonprofit organization after writing a cookbook with studies for health benefits we experience. After fostering about eight children, and watching each child improve behavior and health with the right food and conditions, we took it bigger. We began to work in homes with many children.

Getting the Hands Dirty

Some of the incredibly rewarding work we do for these kids:

  • Build gardens with organic vegetables these kids have never seen grow
  • Teach educational classes;
    • how important it is to eat good fats
    • the power of amino acids and proteins
    • necessary gentle detox of eating fresh vegetables
    • why we need minerals and colorful salts
    • what hydration does for our body’s cells
    • and much more
  • Support local organic farmers and bring these nutrient-dense foods to the Children’s Homes
  • Write the menu for the home cook and State requirements with oversight of a Registered Dietician
  • Use my Functional Nutritional Therapy education to support common issues of these children;
    • diabetes
    • joint pain
    • sleeplessness
    • night terrors
    • addictions
    • depression
    • compromised guts
    • and much more

The Dreams Evolve

During our work over the past twelve years, Mandy has been asked to help support many folks in Assisted Living Homes with their diet. She teaches kids how to eat foods and food supplements to help improve and hopefully recover indications. Enjoying the success supporting these kids and some folks in the Assisted Living Homes, it is noticed that there is a need for more social interaction, which is what develops a goal for a new business plan.

We have afforded foster children better opportunities to:

  • get off medication for diabetes
  • avoid or recover from the flu faster
  • reduce or stop bad cramping
  • improve grades
  • support a doctor’s protocol more successfully
  • improve behavior
  • and much more

Building a Home to Close the Gap

With these years of learning from the systems we work with, we have bigger dreams than before. As a bio-dynamic construction company, we have the resources to remodel or build the perfect place. What we lack is the financial support, but God-willing, that will come.

Because of our experience, we know that building a home for Seniors and foster kids/ orphans, we can close a vast gap of loneliness. This plan can give sage to these kids who have been handed a harder life by allowing these elderly folks to mingle at meals, spend time tutoring, and just be friends.

It’s a huge dream, and it requires a lot of work, but we have already prepared for this. The only challenge we have is the financial aspect, which seems small after all we have already faced and overcome. As much as we are private about our company mission, this goal requires our community to come together.

There are 500,000 children today in foster/orphan homes. There are almost 50,000 children in the State of Florida and about 3,000 kids in my county system.

A Better Plan

Every person on death row was in foster care. Over 70% of our prisons are filled with people who were in foster care, and more awful statistics. We need a different approach to make it better for these kids and, ultimately, our community and nation. And our experience, heart, education, and skills provide the perfect backdrop to fulfill these dreams!

We must start a program and housing that is:

  • fun,
  • environmentally clean,
  • mentally stimulating,
  • built beautifully for the imagination, and
  • providing healthy food- while also supporting our local farmers and community.

If you or your company are looking for a place to donate, we’d love to be considered. All donations are tax-deductible, just leave a note with your address if you’d like a letter in the mail. No amount is too small or too big, there are big things to do and all proceeds go to these kids as always.

Give a better chance to kids without parents here.

We post pictures on Instagram for our buildings and our work with foster kids regularly of the companies, farmers, artisans, local businesses, and efforts with these kids. It is not allowed to show their faces to protect them, but we can show particular views.

Thank you for being a part of our community efforts and allowing us to build your dreams at BLUMESTONE.


July 05, 2020